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Projection network gathers young professionals, i.e. having between 2 to 10 years experience in urban basic services in developing countries.

If you are a young professional and willing to take part in the network’s activities, you can become a member by registering on our website. Access to the network is free and opened to young professionals from the sector, with every competence, and from every nationality.

The Projection Team
And what about you?

The Projection Team

With the help of its numerous members, a permanent staff is in charge of the network animation and the implementation of the networks activities and Practical Works, in France and in Western Africa.


  • In France

Since its creation, Projection is based in Paris, France.

The staff is composed of:

- ChloéJolly, Managing Director

- Tatiana Körber-toro, Volunteer, Community Management


  • West African Office

In 2011, Projection opened a West African office, based in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

The staff is composed of:

-Germain Labonne, office manager and co-director of the Sani Tsapta project, Pojection’s first Pratical Work lead in partnership with the NGO Rail-Niger.



  • Board of Directors

It is composed of the association’s funding members and coordinators involved since its creation:

- Julie Aubriot (President)

- André N’Guessan (Vice-President)

- Julien Gabert (Treasurer)

- Solène de Gromard

- Jean-Hugues Hermant

- Gwenael Prié


  • General Assembly

In addition to the administrators, it gathers coordinators specialized in basic services in developing countries (water, sanitation, waste management), coming from the 4 professional families: public, private, non-profitable and research.

- Messou Aman

- Amélie Boissonnet

- Marie Borni

- Laure Criqui

- Célia de Lavergne

- Denis Desille

- Benoit Joseph Dove

- Hélène Figea

- Lionel Goujon

- Saïdou Hassane

- Céline Herve-Bazin

- Jean-Marie Ily

- Robert Johnson

- Baptiste Julien

- Charlotte Kalinowski

- Bruno Le Bansais

- Martin Lemenager

- Cléo Lossouarn

- Virginie Mahan

- Laetitia Martinet

- Boubacar M’Ballo

- Francesca Pilo

- Rachid Tcheou

- Alain Tossounon

- Béatrice Tourlonnias

- Claire Vigé Helie


And what about you?

In parallel to this, some young professionals give some of their spare-time to support us and some working groups are settled to work on:


  • Projection’s regular meetings (after work sessions, breakfasts): they take place once a month (alternating young and senior professionals)
  • The collaborative platform: reinforcing the members’ database and contribution to articles on the website
  • Giving the floor to young professionals: lobbying the increased presence of young professionals in national and international events on basic services
  • Multilingualism: translating our discussions on the website or during or meetings, as well as our communication material
  • Thematic thinking: information capitalization and exchange of experiences on specific subjects (for example: access to water and sanitation in slums)

All people of goodwill are welcome! For more information, do not hesitate in contacting us!